Case Studies Real-world examples of revenue generated last quarter by ECT for our clients

Electronics Distribution


eligible stand-up trucks and order picker vehicles


LCFS credit revenue earned last quarter

Grocery Distribution


eligible stand-up trucks and rider triple pallet jacks


LCFS credit revenue earned last quarter

Beverage Distribution


eligible 5,000 lb. sitdown trucks and walkie pallet jacks


LCFS credit revenue earned last quarter

An Untapped Revenue Stream for Businesses

An Untapped Revenue Stream for Businesses

Unclaimed Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) credits are claimed by electric utility companies. Are you leaving money on the table?

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    Minimized Core Business Impact

    We manage the end-to-end LCFS process from the complex aspects of regulatory compliance to reporting and brokerage transactions.

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    Interests Aligned

    Fee structure as a percentage of revenue ensures mutual benefit to maximized transaction value.

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    Transparent Credit Transactions

    We provide quarterly reports on credit quantity generated and selling price.

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    LCFS Advocacy

    We continually monitor new program opportunities within CARB LCFS programs for our clients.

electric car charging stations
What Does it Cost?

What Does it Cost?

Our clients pay absolutely zero out-of-pocket costs to be enrolled in the Low Carbon Fuel Standard credit program. Our fees for service are taken as a percentage of the transaction value when credits are sold. 

What We Do:

  • Apply for credits on your behalf
  • File all compliance paperwork
  • Sell credits to deficit holders on your behalf
  • Pool large lots of credits from multiple clients to maximize leverage
  • Monitor market price trends to optimize monetization timing
  • Forecast market demand for credits

Time is of the Essence... Don't Wait for Next Quarter!