Electric Vehicle Chargers

Electric Vehicle Chargers

EV chargers for road use vehicles are making their way into more locations every day. From commercial fleet use at office campuses to public use at retail store fronts, there are numerous applications where EV charging station fuel pathways can provide added LCFS revenue for their owner.

electric car charging stations
ev charging a car

Do LCFS Credits Make Sense for Your Business?

The revenue available from these charging station types will vary widely with the usage they are subject to. Battery state of charge impacts the required recharge energy, so vehicle usage before arrival at a charging station effects the fuel pathway production. Because plugin schedule and battery depth of discharge are less predictable in these applications the amount of revenue available is also less predictable. 

With the upfront cost of independent certification and ongoing data monitoring, not all EV charging stations will make sense to register. ECT can help review the typical use of EV charging stations and bear the initial cost of getting them registered.

Maximizing Revenue in a Dynamic Market

The extreme volatility of the LCFS credit trading market requires industry leading knowledge and expertise in order to maximize transaction value, which ECT provides at zero out-of-pocket cost to our clients.

What We Do:

  • Apply for credits on your behalf
  • File all compliance paperwork
  • Sell credits to deficit holders on your behalf
  • Pool large lots of credits from multiple clients to maximize leverage
  • Monitor market price trends to optimize monetization timing
  • Forecast market demand for credits

Time is of the Essence... Don't Wait for Next Quarter!