A New Revenue Stream For Electric Industrial Vehicle Owners

LCFS Credits Explained

The California Air Resources Board (CARB) maintains a program for all fuel producers in California that requires producers of high carbon emission fuels to purchase credits from low carbon fuel producers, like owners of electric equipment and vehicle charging stations.

Benefits to Business

Owners of electric vehicle charging infrastructure can now apply to CARB for credits as low carbon fuel producers. Once acquired, credits can be sold to regulated parties (like oil companies) with a deficit in credits—creating a significant revenue stream for the seller. 

Get Started Today

Eco Credit Traders specialize in the generation and brokering of LCFS credits on behalf of owners and operators of ecological assets like electric lift trucks, eTRUs, eHDVs, and EV charging stations. Getting started with the LCFS credit program and adding a new stream of revenue is as easy as a few clicks.

How it Works Eco Credit Traders helps companies who own electric vehicle fleets or infrastructure apply for and stay compliant with the LCFS program.

The Proof is in the Numbers By taking advantage of the LCFS credit program, one of our clients is projected to add more than $1.7 million in annual revenue.

Industry: Grocery Distribution

This client operates a three-shift warehouse with a mix of stand-up reach trucks and end rider pallet jacks. The heavy utilization of their equipment results in significant LCFS income. Success with ECTs management of lift truck chargers has this client preparing to convert to eTRU in order to continue reducing carbon emission and increasing LCFS income.


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LCFS credit revenue earned last quarter